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13th Apr 2018

Online Irish Banking Customers Have Been Warned About Tricky Scam

Darragh Berry

Online Irish banking customers are being warned about a very specific scam that has been doing the rounds this week.

People all over the country have been getting caught out by this scam which is targeted at Bank of Ireland customers in particular. 

In a tweet, the bank said that:

“We’re aware that a fraudster is making calls & sending emails claiming to be from BOI. If you receive a call on foot of a tweet to us & want to check it’s genuine please DM us. Never disclose your full log in details for your business/personal account.”

Bank of Ireland have stated on their website that: 

“If you suspect you have received a fraudulent email, text or call or have been asked to provide your personal or banking information (username, pin, etc.) in an unusual manner, such as by pop-up or web page, report it immediately. Do not reply to or follow any of the instructions provided, regardless of how genuine they may appear.”

As well as this, they have reminded customers that Bank of Ireland will never:

  • Send you a text or email with a link directly to the login page of our online banking channels.
  • Send you a text or email with a direct link to your latest e-Statement.
  • Ask you to click a link in an email with an urgent warning about suspicious activity on your account. (We may sometimes send you an email to verify a transaction on your account but we will never ask you to provide confidential information or click a link to do this).
  • Ask you to share your full six-digit 365 PIN or Business On Line credentials.
  • Ask you to transfer money out of your account to protect yourself from fraud.
  • Request your account information through an onscreen pop-up window.

Things that the bank will ask you for:

  • Three random digits from your 6-digit 365 PIN – never more, never less.
  • Your full 365 online user ID and
  • Either your date of birth or the last four digits of your phone number – never both

They have also included a whole host of security features that you can implement to keep your account safe.

Don’t get caught out. 

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