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09th Aug 2023

Irish Government to discuss period and menopause leave

Fiona Frawley

period and menopause leave ireland

Work leave for anyone going through menopause or bad period symptoms could be on the cards.

The Government is set to commission research in a bid to “make the workplace a better place” for those going through menopause or severe period symptoms.

Minister for Equality Roderic O’Gorman said this could “probably” include leave for employees.

This comes after the trade union Fórsa called for period leave and a “menstrual health policy in all workplaces” to be intorduced.

A survey by Fórsa in 2022 showed that one percent of employees currently have protection of a menstrual health policy in their workplace.

The survey also found that over 70% of people have taken time off work due to their period.

Speaking on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, Minister O’Gorman said the Government is now looking into research in hopes of making “the workplace a better place for those who are experiencing menopause or experiencing significant menstrual symptoms”.

He said: “It’s a range of advice to employers to help them make the workplace better.

“It might be about temperature control, it might be even something as basic as the type of material used in the workplace uniform or something like that.

“What was interesting, what some of the employees stated that even being able to raise the issue with their employer or their manager, even to be able to say, without awkwardness without embarrassment, ‘I’m having menstrual cramps today, is it possible for me maybe to work at home rather than to come into the office?’

“Even something as simple as that would make a big difference.”

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