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22nd May 2023

New regulation requires any alcohol product to disclose calories

Katy Thornton

alcohol calories

The regulations come into effect in three years.

New alcohol regulations have been signed into law by Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly which now requires any product containing alcohol to state the calorie count.

The new law also means they must now state the number of grams of alcohol in the product.

The new label sees alcohol-based products warning about the risk of consuming alcohol when pregnant, as well as the risk of liver disease and fatal cancers.

Minister Donnelly said the new law hopes to give consumers a new and better understanding of the health risks associated with the consumption of alcohol.

As food products already provide this information, he stated that alcohol meets this standard.

He added that the new always is set to come in by May 2026 which gives these brand time to prepare for the change.

Minister Donnelly said, according to RTÉ: “I welcome that we are the first country in the world to take this step and introduce comprehensive health labelling of alcohol products. I look forward to other countries following our example.

According to Alcohol Action Ireland, who have welcomed this change, alcohol consumption is estimated to be the cause of 7% of female breast cancer cases in Ireland.

This article originally appeared on HER Family 

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