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07th Jan 2022

Replica of O’Donoghue’s pub used in Taiwanese military drills

Katy Thornton

You just can’t make this sort of thing up.

Nicola Smith, an Asia correspondent for The Telegraph, posted a video on her Twitter yesterday of Taiwan military drills. The urban warfare demos took place in a mock-up town, and the video shows the troops storming the buildings.

Smith tweeted that “90% of the population live in cities so platoons train specifically for this scenario” hence the realistic setting.

However, one building in particular took centre stage, and we can’t help but think it looks a little familiar. A few re-watches proved that included in this mock town was a rather uncanny replica of O’Donoghue’s pub on Merrion Row in Dublin.

There are so many questions that just go unanswered. Why O’Donoghue’s? What did O’Donoghue’s ever do? Why does it look literally exactly the same? Was someone particularly fond of O’Donoghue’s perhaps that it stuck out in their minds? Or did someone hold a grudge perhaps? Was this all just some sort of strange coincidence?

O’Donoghue’s themselves took to Twitter after seeing the video, wondering if it was perhaps something they should be worrying about.

I mean, they included the Number 15 and everything. Someone was very thorough with their job it would seem.

Header image via Instagram/odonoghuespub

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