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18th Sep 2018

Footage Shows RTÉ Used “Attractive Blonde” On Purpose During Prime Time Clip Claims Politician’s Legal Team

Darragh Berry

A politician involved in a Prime Time investigates programme has accused RTÉ of using an “attractive blonde lady” as a trap during film.

The former Mayor of Monaghan, Hugh McElvaney, is being accused of breaching councillors’ code of conduct following an undercover report which shows him scooping up imaginary money and putting it in his pockets.

The Irish Mirror states that the reporter, who was using a fake name, is not available to give evidence and the politician’s legal team believe this is breach of his right to a fair trial.

RTE refused to reveal the real identity of their secret reporter who McElvaney’s Team described as a “blonde, no doubt attractive, lady” who was set up to entrap the politician.

His appearance on the show became famous after he was seen doing the “money sweep”.

This follows similar claims last week that the same undercover reporter “showed off cleavage” during filming on purpose to ‘trick’ another councillor.

The Councillor’s barrister claimed that this footage showed that she was “seen with her button opened” during the interview but she “closed her blouse” afterwards.

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