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23rd Dec 2022

Santa has delivered a special message to the children of Ireland

Katy Thornton

santa message ireland

He’s on his way!

Santa has shared a special message with the children of Ireland.

Father Christmas told kids to be in bed early on Christmas Eve as he prepares to deliver presents all around the world.

Speaking to Morning Ireland, Santa confirmed that he will be visiting every child in Ireland, no matter where they live.

He also urged children not to worry about the current weather conditions in North America.

“Rudolph has a special nose that gets redder and hotter as he picks up speed, and he acts as a heat shield for all the other reindeer.”

He also had a very special message for Ukrainian children in Ireland.

“He knows they’ve come to live here for a while and he’ll be able to bring them presents.”

Rudolph knows where everybody lives so nobody should worry if they’re living somewhere else.

Father Christmas added, “Santa knows and Rudolph knows where everyone is. We’ve been doing this for 100s of years and know everywhere, so don’t worry.”

He also told children to make sure they’re in bed super early. He knows when they’re awake and so does Rudolph.

The children of Ireland should be in bed before 9pm, Santa shared. He doesn’t know what time he’ll be visiting Ireland exactly, but Rudolph may insist on getting here early.

It could be 9 pm or 4 am, Santa shared.

Let the countdown commence!

This article originally appeared on Her Family 

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