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23rd Aug 2022

Search continues for missing female wallaby in Tyrone

Katy Thornton

missing wallaby tyrone

The Glenpark Estate resident went missing on Sunday afternoon.

A wallaby, that goes by the name Winnie, is still missing after escaping from Glenpark Estate in Tyrone on Sunday afternoon.

According to The Journal:

Two of the small, Kangaroo-like animals arrived at the estate in Omagh on Sunday. One jumped over a fence and escaped a short time after.”

The Journal reports that the wallaby was last spotted about 8km from the estate, on Gortin Road.

Image via Instagram Stories/glampinginireland

Glenpark Estate owner Richard Beattie told Morning Ireland that, “The biggest problem we have is just we’re so close to Gortin Glens Forest Park and there’s thousands of acres of trees.” He made clear that while they’re still searching for the missing wallaby in Tyrone, she poses no threat and will be okay on her own until they manage to locate her.

We truly hope that Winnie is okay and will be found soon.

If you spot her, contact the police or Glenpark Estate directly.

Header image via Shutterstock

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