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18th Sep 2023

South American boa discovered by family at popular Belfast walking trail

Katy Thornton

boa belfast

This is not the first snake to go missing in Ireland as of late.

Yesterday, a South American boa was happened upon by a family out walking at Cavehill in Belfast.

Parents Sean Paul and Bronach managed to secure the snake, who has since handed over to the Northern Ireland Exotic Sanctuary; they are currently working to find out where the snake came from.

The sanctuary took to Facebook to ask for information on the snake, saying:

“Anyone with information or anyone wanting to claim this snake should please message the page. We will need proof of ownership as well as proof of a secure enclosure.”

They also asked for there to be no negativity in the comments, as the circumstances of how the snake got to be up Cavehill in the first place are unknown.

If no owner comes forward to claim the boa, the sanctuary will look into rehoming him.

Believe it or not, this is not the first snake to have gone missing in Ireland as of late – two weeks ago a Dublin woman found a four-foot California King Snake in her bed, with the owner being described as “beyond relieved” that her precious Vims was found.

Header image via Facebook / Northern Ireland Exotic Sanctuary


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