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18th Oct 2017

Experts Warn Of “Deadly” Jellyfish In Irish Waters Following Hurricane Ophelia


It appears that Storm Ophelia may have swept lethal jellyfish into the Irish coastline.

Zoologist, Dr. Tom Doyle of NUI Galway has warned the public of the possibility of the very dangerous Portuguese man o’ war that could be on our beaches following the hurricane.

The jellyfish appeared on our shores last year and have been spotted in the UK in the past few days.

The Zoologist spoke to The Irish Times appealing to the Irish public to keep an eye out for the deadly jellyfish.

He said, “Each tentacle can carry hundreds of thousands nematocysts or stinging capsules, which are just 10 to 20 micons in size and contain a tiny little protective harpoon with venom.

“The southerly winds we had during Ophelia will have swept many up from the Bay of Biscay area, but as yet we have not received many specific reports.”

Although men o’ war die after stranding, their sting can still remain active for days afterwards so any walkers, surfers, swimmers and fish farmers should be very cautious.

Dr. Doyle has also asked for anyone who spots the jellyfish to report it here.

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