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14th May 2018

Ominous Threat To ‘Target Young Ladies In Repeal’ Clothing Causes Outrage Online

Megan Cassidy

A Facebook status threatening to ‘target… young women in repeal t-shirts’ has been reported to Gardai by outraged social media users. 

The status, reportedly posted by a former member of the Irish Army, reads: 

‘Tomorrow the CSP launches its ‘Save the 8th’ drive. We are targeting obstreperous young ladies in Repeal T-shirts who do not realise what they are letting themselves in for. Wish us luck!’ 


The post has sent waves through the online community, with many reporting that they have contacted the Gardai about the message. 

Social influencer James Kavanagh shared the post along with the message: 

‘When I hear people say “ah, both sides are as bad as the other” it’s instances like this that remind me I’m on the right side – the YES side. This is just another example of the NO side being total creeps.’ 

Fb Repeal

One user wrote: ‘I’ve reported this to the Gardai in Ashbourne’ while another added ‘That is plain scary’. 

Another tweeted: ‘Surely going out with the intent to target and threaten certain people is illegal??’ 

The Eighth Amendment Referendum takes place on Friday May 25. 

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