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14th Jul 2017

These Absolute Legends Are Helping People In Galway In The Cutest Way


If we’re being honest with ourselves, we spent most of our summer holidays doing feck all.

We used the time to catch up on TV, music and whatever food was left in the house.

But for three lads down in Galway, they’re using their time very productively. 

Jack, Dominik and Eoin, otherwise known as Grass cut for Hugs, are cutting grass for the elderly, disabled and ill people of Galway.

And the best bit? They want to be paid in hugs. 

The lads only started this new venture a few days ago, and they’re already getting rave reviews on their Facebook page. 

We have to applaud these three gentlemen on what they’re doing.

Fair play lads, you’re putting us all to shame.

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