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20th Dec 2016

These Are The Two Things That Irish People Lie About When Online Dating


When it comes to online dating, you never really know who you’re dealing with until you’ve actually met them.

We’ve all heard stories of people bearing no resemblance whatsoever to their profile picture and a new study has shown exactly how much Irish people lie when trying to nab a date.

Dating app Trueview recently carried out out some research and found that 17 per cent of Irish people lie about their age when online dating, while 12 per cent lie about their weight.

Two in five people revealed that they have gone on a date with someone who was pretending to be single, while the same percentage admitted lying in some way on their profile.

When it comes to turn-offs, 56% of people said that mentioning your ex is a bad move, while sending an explicit picture, getting their name wrong and using cheesy chat-up lines were also guaranteed to put a dampener on things.

Something to bear in mind!

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