This Is The One Christmas Present People Are Most Likely To Give Away

Would you give this to someone else?

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You're handed a beautifully wrapped gift, your heart starts to race... Ripping open the ribbon, you've got a good feeling about it. And then...


It's horrible.

Buying presents for people can often be touch and go. So how do you know what not to buy? Well, according to Time, there's one gift in particular that is the most "purged" of all.

It's activewear. To be exact, North Face fleeces.

Taking date from ThredUP, an online thrift store that lets users buy and sell clothes directly, it's revealed that the biggest items put up for re-sale are brande new North Face fleeces, Under Armour shorts, and Nike Active t-shirts.


Turns out people are pretty fussy about what they work out in. So maybe stick to a nice classic voucher this year?

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