UPDATE: Corona Founder Didn't Actually Make Everyone In His Hometown Millionaires

The story wasn't 100% true...

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Earlier today, we told you about how the founder of Corona left £169 million to his hometown village in Spain, making everyone millionaires. 

But as it turns out... he actually didn't.

The story was covered widely online – including by ourselves, Independent.ie, The Independent, Joe.ie, the BBC and the Press Association... but the story wasn't actually 100% true.

While Antonino Fernandez, founder of Corona, has left money to his hometown village and has funded multiple things there, from churches to cultural institutions – the villagers did not actually receive any money directly from Antonino's will. 

"It seems someone got the wrong end of the stick and the story has just grown and grown," Lucia Alaejos from the Fundación Cerezales Antonino y Cinia said. "It’s got completely out of hand.”

Regardless, the locals of Cerezales del Condado are grateful for all Mr Fernandez has done for their village throughout the years. 

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