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03rd Sep 2021

Summer is officially over, rain and colder temperatures to come this weekend

Katy Thornton

The first weekend of September will see a mixed bag of weather conditions, so as always, you’ll need a little of everything to stay prepared!

After a warmer than normal August, most of us will have noticed a dramatic shift in the temperature. Summer is gone, back to school time is here, and the rain is making a comeback. According to Met Éireann, we are in for a wet weekend with some dry spells.

For Saturday’s forecast Met Éireann says:

“Scattered showers at first, rain will likely develop in the southwest later in the night. Southeast winds will freshen as a change in weather conditions brings milder air over the country from the south, overnight temperatures are not expected to fall below 13 or 14 degrees.”

Sunday will get warmer, but with more rainfall. The Met Éireann website states:

“Outbreaks of rain will push up over the western half of the country on Sunday morning, extending across much of the country through the afternoon, although parts of the south and southeast may stay dry. Highest temperatures of 17 to 20 or 21 degrees in light to moderate southerly winds.”

As is typical for Ireland, there’s a bit of everything, meaning one minute you might need an umbrella, the next you’ll want to swap your jeans for shorts. You’ll go from enjoying an iced latte to wishing you could swap it for a hot chocolate. This changeable weather is something we’re all used to however, and even though we’ll be sad to see the summer weather go, it’s finally time to embrace autumn!

How will you spend your rainy weekend?

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