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30th Jun 2018

Here’s Where You’ll Find The Best Irish Breakfasts In The Country


Fried eggs, plump sausages, crispy bacon, black pudding and some freshly baked bread are what our dreams are made of: The great Irish Breakfast.

While it can be a struggle to find the perfect plate, the Georgina Campbell Irish Breakfast Awards recently took place, and revealed where to go for your full brekky fix across Ireland.

Don’t say we never do anything for you xox

  • Best B&B: Corrib House, Galway
  • Best Guesthouse: Newforge House, Co. Armagh
  • Best Country House: Ballymaloe House, Co. Cork
  • Best 3-star Hotel: Gougane Barra Hotel, Co. Cork
  • Best 4-star Hotel: Ballynahinch Castle, Co. Galway
  • Best 5-star Hotel: The Merrion, Dublin

Ireland’s best brunch went to Rua in Castlebar, Co. Mayo, with Dublin’s Hatch & Sons and Knox in Sligo coming in closely behind.

Put all these places on your go-to list next time you want a proper spread in the morning.

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