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17th Dec 2021

“You could not make this up” Irish business owners react to the prospect of 5pm curfew on hospitality

Katy Thornton

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Among the restrictions being considered is a 5pm curfew for pubs and restaurants, as well as other cultural events.

NPHET’s latest recommendations for Ireland coming up to Christmas could have a colossal blow on the hospitality industry.

According to RTÉ News:

Restaurants Association of Ireland Chief Executive Adrian Cummins said there needs to be immediate engagement with Government because the industry is in a “very precarious position” with Christmas a number of days away.”

Cummins also said that if the 5pm curfew is implemented, it will act as an effective lockdown for the sector.

Of Aniar and Cava, Galway, J.P. McMahon tweeted his fears for staff, and that a 5pm closing for his restaurants would mean a total closing.

Las Tapas de Lola, Dublin, responded to McMahon with this tweet.

The leak of this information has caused a significant stir among restaurant and pub owners, who took to Twitter to vent their frustrations on the matter. Gaz of Michaels, Dublin, described it as “head wrecking on every front.” The Wicklow Escape, a foodie mountain lodge, responded with fears over what this would mean for their five fully booked days over New Years.

Anthony Gray, ambassador for Sligo Food Trail, tweeted about the “mental meltdown” for “staff & families.”

Street 66 Dublin spoke of the irrevocable damage this would have on the sector.

Panti also took to Twitter to discuss how this would be “absolutely crushing” for staff, and that the curfew would “be a closure order in all but name for us.”

Grogans, Dublin simply said: “You could not make this up.

There is likely to be a government announcement later on, where they will decide how to proceed into the Christmas period.

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