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16th Sep 2018

10 Things We Miss The Most About Being A Kid


Let’s be honest – being a kid kind of sucked. You didn’t have any control over your life and had to do whatever your parents said, even if they were wrong. Adulthood comes with sweet perks like money, being able to drink alcohol and independence.

But sometimes it’s easy to look back and admit there are some things we miss now that we’re all grown up, like…

1. Games

When we hang out with friends nowadays there are only four acceptable activities: watching a movie, eating, drinking or talking.

When we were younger you were limited only by your imagination. We used to play fun games like tip the can, hide and seek and capture the flag. When you were bored you could do stop the bus, hangman or noughts and crosses. Nowadays we don’t have the energy or imagination to do these things.


2. Longer holidays

When you work in a normal 9 to 5 job, you don’t get two weeks off at Christmas, plus mid-term breaks and a few months off for summer.


3. Better holidays

Christmas was more magical. You could hardly sleep waiting for Santa to come and leave your presents for Christmas morning.

Halloween and Easter were thinly veiled excuses to get chocolate and sweets. And eating all that made you happy. Nowadays, you feel guilty eating a square of chocolate.


4. Little break

Remember how in school you used to get a little break as well as lunch, usually around 10.30-11? Not only did it provide you a chance for a snack and to play with you friends, it broke up the day so it didn’t seem as long.

Plus when you go to lunch now, you don’t play with your friends and have a kick-ass packed lunch, you run out to get something to eat at your desk.

Bring back little break.


5. Saturday morning cartoons

You were a pain to get up for school during the week, but by God, were you not always the first person awake on a Saturday morning to turn on Nickelodeon, the Den or Cartoon Network.


6. Back to school

By the end of the summer holidays you were raring to get back to school and see everyone again.

But the best part about the end of the holidays was buying your new school books. They were all so perfect, with their unbroken spines and new book smells. You spent ages picking out your stationery as well.

Back To School

7. School sports

Back in the day, sports were fun. You could play tennis or dodgeball or whatever the PE teacher was feeling.

Nowadays we call PE going to the gym, and it’s something you have to force yourself to do.


8. Birthday parties

Birthday parties when you were a kid were actually fun. There were always tons of activities, everyone in the class went and you left with a party bag.

If you were the birthday kid, you got lets of presents as well.


9. Modes of transport

Unless you’re an ironic hipster, you can’t get away with scooting, skateboarding or rollerblading as a form of getting around like we used to as kids.


10. Playgrounds

These were places built entirely just to have fun, filled with slides, tunnels, monkey bars, ball pools, climbing walls and whatever else could fit. There’s nothing like this for adults.


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