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Ten Romantic Gestures Irish People Are N'Able For

By Sarah

November 1, 2017 at 2:09pm




Paris might be known worldwide as the city of love, but us Irish folk can actually be pretty damn romantic in our own way.

Sure, we might not surprise our loved ones in work with a huge bouquet of roses, or whisk them away for a helicopter ride into the sunset, but sometimes it's the little gestures that mean the most.

Here's ten romantic things Irish people do to show how thoughtful they can really be...

1. They'll get you a Saturday night Spice Bag

Never mind being wined and dined in a fancy Italian restaurant, the one treat we all really love is a sneaky Spice Bag.

Bonus points if your partner even gets up off the sofa and answers the door to the delivery driver.

Spice Bag

2. They'll take in the washing when it rains

Now this is love. There's nothing worse than being stuck in work looking out the window at the lashing rain and thinking of all your fresh washing getting ruined.

Now picture how chuffed you'd be to come home and find that a special someone has legged it out and brought in your clothes horse to safety. N'awh.

Clotheshorse 427

3. They'll get you a chicken fillet roll when you're hungover

The sheer thoughts of getting dressed, walking all the way to the shop and having to interact with other humans to order your gourmet chicken roll from the deli is too much to bear when you've had a rough night.

If someone goes to the effort of bringing us a chicken fillet roll (spicy please), we're instantly in love.

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4. They'll always leave you change for the bus

We've all faced that dreaded moment when you've ran to catch the bus, still half asleep, only to hop on and discover you've no feckin' change to pay the fare.

True love is always leaving a little jar of change on the hall table for you to grab on your way out the door.

Shutterstock 382756228

5.They will cook you a full fry-up

They do say the way to people's hearts is through their stomach, and we all know that nothing says 'I love you' like waking up on a Sunday morning to the wafting smell of rashers and black pudding from the kitchen.

If they know what way you want your eggs without even asking, you've got yourself a keeper.

Shutterstock 421494295

6. They'll even tell you that you're "gawjus" when you're milling into a curry chip

Some people tell their other halves how beautiful they are when they're all glammed up to the nines.

Irish people know when it matters the most though: It's 2am in the local chipper and your face is covered in curry sauce, but they still think you're a beaut.

Shutterstock 561143680

7. They'll turn on the immersion while you're still sleeping

This is the most Irish of all Irish romantic gestures. You know you'll be waking up to piping hot water because they've only gone and timed the immersion just right for when you hop in the shower.

Even more romantic? They'll switch it off without a fuss if you forget.

Shutterstock 550963012

8. They'll hang out with you over watching the All Ireland

GAA and hurling isn't just a sport to most people, it's a way of life, and nothing will get in the way of them watching the most important match of the year.

Nothing that is except you, who they value more than anything.

Shutterstock 14142769

9. They'll pick you up from Coppers at 3am

They let you have your mad night out on town and they'll even be waiting outside to pick you up with your flat shoes waiting in the front seat.

Truly romantic folk will be extra sound and stop off for a bag of chips on the way home, and listen to all the goss from the evening.


10. And they'll surprise you with a Milk Tray

Let's face it, a box of chocolates is a worldwide romantic gesture, and if there's one thing Irish people love it's digging into a classic selection of Milk Tray.

Coming home to that purple box can make your day, and don't even get us started on the people who will make sure your favourite chocolate is left untouched just for you - that's real love.

The Milk Tray man is the exact sort of thoughtful person we would love to have in our lives - he always knows when to drop off a Milk Tray.

Milk Tray 360G Open

See? Irish people are just as romantic as the French, and even more caring and thoughtful than you'd ever think.

Remember this the next time your friend or partner needs a pick-me-up: Chocolate cures all.

Header image: Dezeen/The Rising Phoenix Takeaway 


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