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Ten Tweets That Prove Irish People Lose The Run Of Themselves on Black Friday

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It’s that time of the year again.

Ah, Black Friday. A time where we throw caution – and money – to the wind, queue for hours outside our favourite shops and sit online all day. Fun times.

We think it’s fair to say that this shopping event brings out the crazy in us all – whether you’re bagging bargains or not.

And where does all this crazy end up – usually online. For the world to see! Here’s just a few of our fave Tweets.

1. The inevitable fear of what’s ahead.

2. We don’t know if we’re more shocked or impressed by this.

3. We all get a bit cray, it’s all good


5. It wouldn’t be Black Friday with something major going down.

6. Shopping with zero funds is all kinds of no.

7. Jaysis. This lad has cracked the ultimate Black Friday deal.

8. It’s not a case of wanting, you need that new laptop. Obvs.


10. They really do plan this, don’t they?

Now that it’s dark when we wake up and when we leave work, we think a few little treats to get us through the winter months is just fine. As if we needed another excuse.

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