WATCH: How Ireland's hospitality is shaping up for us to be #TogetherAgain

By Brian Dillon

June 16, 2021 at 3:52pm



Drinks Ireland has launched a new campaign, #TogetherAgain to highlight all the work that has been going on behind the scenes to get pubs ready to reopen their doors safely.

We don't need to spend too much time explaining how hard the past year has been for pubs, bars and restaurants. With the pandemic presenting complicated and unforeseen challenges for those working in the sector, the folk in hospitality have really pulled together during a difficult time.

Now that things start to return to normal and that light at the end of the tunnel is finally visible, pubs, bars and restaurants are ready to serve in a safe way. And we appreciate them so much for it.

We are feeling so blessed to have these long-awaited reunions with those we haven't seen in a while. Damn, we missed them.

The drinks industry has provided great supports for venues since the start of the pandemic, from investing in outdoor spaces to staff training and supplying Covid safety items like hand sanitiser.

Fionn Cahill is the Brand Coordinator at Porterhouse Brew Co. He explains how they helped venues that were greatly affected by the arrival of the pandemic:


"We came to pick up the kegs that they had and disposed of the product. So that was one less thing for them to worry about. Now, with things opening back up, we're offering our support there in droves. We'll have fresh glasses for them, we'll get the guys in to clean the lines and the sales team can provide staff training to get them up to date with the product."

Doug Leddin is the Group Marketing Manager for Porterhouse Brew Co and explains that "the new normal is not too different to what it was: a great atmosphere in a great bar.

"We invested heavily in our beer garden. Before, we didn't really have an outside area for people to eat and drink. Now, we have a beautiful space so we can entertain people outside for the next couple of months until indoors opens again."

Fionn also explains how they have had to reinvent themselves since the beginning of the pandemic: "We brought out a new can range and a couple of new IPAs. The Irish drinks industry is a massive community and it's all about supporting local and supporting each other."

Doug adds, "it's quite heartwarming to see that support throughout the country for people in the hospitality trade."


The main thing on many a person's mind as hospitality reopens is safety, which has been the top priority for those working in the sector.

With the support of the drinks industry making sure we’re all safe as we get #TogetherAgain in pubs, June saw many of our favourite spots opening with impressive upgrades, making us even more excited to return. With help from Ireland’s breweries, distilleries and cider makers, thousands of pieces of outdoor furniture were delivered, and awnings and other covers were erected to protect us from that unpredictable Irish weather.

Drinks producers have also been busy making product, delivering staff training, cleaning beer lines and doing many other things to make sure these spaces are as safe as they are full of craic and atmosphere. And that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy.

Expect plenty of hand sanitiser, clean surfaces and expert staff when you visit, meaning you can feel safe and have the craic.

For more on the #TogetherAgain campaign visit this link and follow @DrinksIreland on Twitter. Share your stories of returning to your favourite venues with the hashtag #TogetherAgain.


#TogetherAgain, brought to you by Drinks Ireland.

Please drink responsibly.

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It’s been a long year and we’re all ready to get back to our favourite pubs, with the craic and connections we’ve missed.


Irish drinks producers have provided significant supports to help get these spaces ready and you can rest assured that measures are in place to keep you safe and secure. 


It’s time to get #TogetherAgain.