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18th Jun 2018

22 Dishes That Only People Who Have Travelled Will Appreciate


Do you find that food always tastes better when you are on holiday? Have you tried to re-create a dish at home and been left frustrated by the end result? Only people who have traveled to some of the places below and eaten the dish in the various country will ever know just how good these dishes are. Global food tour anybody?

1. Green Curry – Thailand

No matter which takeaway you get it from or how hard you try to recreate the ingredients it never tastes as good as the time you got it from that little street cart.



2. The Ulster Fry – Northern Ireland

Also know as “the heart attack on a plate” this dish is to die for. Beats off cooked breakfasts from other countries by adding fried bread and soda farls to the equation.



3. Peking Duck – China

You can order it in any Chinese restaurant around the world but nothing is ever going to compare to eating it in a dingy little cafe in China.



4. Baked Camembert – France

The simple pleasure of dunking the baguette into the cheese on a camp site or in an old french villa. Nothing magical to the cooking process but never tastes the same sitting in your apartment once home.



5. Moussaka – Greece

One of the favorites served by cafe owners around the world but the recipe must get lost in translation somehow as never comes close to tasting as good as in the homeland.



6. Chicken, Beans And Rice – Cuba

Taste this dish anywhere else in the world and it taste plain and boring but there is something special about eating what the locals have and being happy with it as the sun bakes down on you.



7. Custard Tarts – Portugal

The sheer sweetness of them and the tiny portion that is always the perfect size to go along with a coffee. Often copied around the world but never as good.



8. In And Out Burger – California

2nd American burger chain on the list and a bit of a hidden gem as most of the chains are in California. Talk to anybody who has been there and they’ll argue to the death that they are the best.



9. Paella – Spain

Coming out in a huge piping hot dish brimming with prawns and mussels it is one of the great pleasures in life. You head to your favorite recipe site and try and make it but it never comes close.



10. Real Pretzels – Germany

We are not talking about the shitty little packets you get on the airline with your free drink but the big chewy crusty versions that you’ll get with a beer in the likes of Munich.



11. Tacos – Mexico

You’ll get loads of different versions in Tex Mex places all over the world dripping in cheddar cheese and bottled sauce but we are talking the original hand made versions that are like a little mouthful of heaven.



12. Gelato – Italy

Ice cream comes in many shapes and sizes but only when you have had a stroll down and Italian beach with a gelato in hand do you know the true meaning of the word.



13. Hand Made Dumplings – Singapore

You’ll pick up a packet of dumplings in most supermarkets in the world but unless you’ve seen them handmade in front of you in Singapore looking like a piece of art will you truly appreciate them.



14. Coffee And Cake – Melbourne

The city that has possibly the best coffee culture in the world and where eating cake is more a way of life than just a weekly treat. Many cities try to copy but none can do it as well as the original.



15. Curry Wurst – Berlin

The principle sounds absolutely disgusting when you hear it at first but when you tuck in and suddenly realize that the crazy guy selling you one on a cold street corner was actually a genius you’ll be happy for the discovery.



16. BBQ – Texas

Very on vogue to open BBQ restaurants all over the world at the moment but smoking meat and beans is more of a religion in Texas than a simple meal.



17. Steak – Argentina

Pretty much a religion for people in this country and when you team up some of their great meat with a Chimichurri sauce it seems so simple but it can never be replicated back home.



18. Nasi Goreng – Indonesia

A staple on the menus of most Asian takeaways but the version we end up getting in the western world is nowhere like what you get when you are there in person.



19. Babotie – South Africa

Unlike the others on the list you will actually struggle to find any version of this dish in the rest of the world never mind a good one! Head to the African continent for an amazing dish.



20. Guinness And Oysters – Ireland

You can get both of these ingredients in pretty much any country in the world but there is something in the water that makes the big creamy pint taste way better in Ireland.



21. Real Kobe Beef – Japan

The stuff they export all over the world is never going to be the absolute best because you know they keep the prime cuts layered with fat back for themselves.



22. Bouillabaisse – South Of France

A simple french fish stew that shouldn’t be that hard to replicate but they have to be sneaking something in there that we don’t know about because it tastes a million times better down there!



They just don’t taste the same anywhere else…

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