Aer Lingus Has Sent A Warning About A Whatsapp Scam Doing The Rounds

Careful now...

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You don't get much in this life for free and that's particularly true of flights to far-flung destinations. While it might be tempting to take take advantage of a supposed freebie, Aer Lingus has warned customers not to fall victim to a scam that is currently doing the rounds on Whatsapp. 

The airline has taken to Twitter to warn people not to engage with a message which claims to be from offering free flights. The post reads:

'We don't run promotions on WhatsApp. If you receive one claiming to be from us, it's 100 percent fake. You will not receive free flights. Please do not engage with it as your data privacy may be compromised if you do so.'

Don't say you weren't warned, now. Oh well, back to searching for the cheapest flights possible for a summer getaway.

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