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02nd Jul 2017

PIC: Here’s Where Ireland Ranks On A Map Showing The Hottest Temperatures Recorded In Europe


Ahhh Irish summer. Fresh smell of grass, an ice-cream from Teddy’s and of course, your cute little summer scarf and rainjacket.

It has to be done unfortunately.

Summer here lasts about a week – maybe less – so when we see other countries complaining about their glorious heatwaves we see red. A new map however, shows the highest ever recorded temperatures in Europe, and we’re not gonna lie: some places are too damn hot.

Almost 50 degrees in Spain and Italy? No thanks mate.

Poor little Ireland is the second coldest spot in the map, just about beating Iceland.

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We wonder how many bags of cans were sunk that superb day in Eire it hit 33.3 degrees?

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