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20th Dec 2016

Here Are The 12 Most Irish Things That Happened This Week


Irish humour is a particular brand of funny that we enjoy bloody immensely. 

Week in, week out, we delve into the gassest depths of the internet to bring you the funniest examples of our nation’s hilarity.

Read ’em and weep, a chairde…

1. These Tayto sandwiches packs came into existence

Which the option to pre-order them for the most special of occasions. 


2. This speed van getting a speeding ticket 

Mmmm, that’s good irony.

3. This informative sign

4. This unique form of meteorology

5. This friendly reminder regarding farmyard animals

6. Long before the days of water charges there was…

… water apartheid. 

7. This humble, less notion-y family holiday

8. This guy chancing his arm by selling an Irish passport application form online

Including the lines:

“Note: If there is a land border erected between North and South of Ireland you may be forced to scale fence in order to collect application form […] as a result of the Euro and GBP no longer existing as currencies I will only be accepting Irish punts or pasteurised milk as payment.”

Read more here

Passport On Ebay N

9. This man singing the Donald Trump song in the middle of Killarney

10. This Irish approach to taxi drivers

11. This list of prizes at a West of Ireland 

12. And finally, Fat Fighters: Goat Edition

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