Dublin To London Is The Only European Entry In The Top 10 Busiest Air Routes In The World

Sure 'tis only a hop and a skip...

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The short distance between Dublin and London and the fact that the two cities are separated by the Irish Sea means it should come as no surprise that the journey is among the busiest international flight routes in the world. The English capital is but a stone's throw away and every day people are hopping on planes for work, leisure or to see relatives in old London town. 

In 2017, Dublin to London saw 14,566 departures, a figure which sees it come in at number nine in the international list. It is the only European entry in the chart which is topped by Hong Kong to Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. This route saw 29,494 departures throughout the year. 

The figures were compiled by The Telegraph in the U.K. and the full list is as follows:

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The domestic route list was topped by Jeju Island to Seoul Gimpo in South Korea followed by Melbourne to Sydney in Australia. 

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(all images: Telegraph.co.uk)

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