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Airbnb Has Launched An All-Inclusive Round The World Trip For €4,000

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Airbnb is introducing an all-inclusive round the world trip that lets you visit every continent in under three months.

With a price tag of £3,817 (around €4,200) it’s arguably a lot cheaper than you’d expect an 80-day round the world jaunt to cost you, since it includes all accommodation and flights as well as some meals.

The trip departs from London at the beginning of September, so you’ve still got some time to get saving for the trip of a lifetime that would see you visit 18 stunning countries including Japan, Thailand, Ecuador, New Zealand and a whole lot more.

Airbnb says, ‘You’ll explore the culture and traditions of medieval Europe, the former Soviet Union, eastern Africa, the Middle East, northern and southern Asia, the South Pacific, the Americas, and a Nordic island. Yes, you read that right.

‘Just like the famous French novel by Jules Verne, Around the World In Eighty Days, this travel tale starts and ends in London. But unlike the book’s protagonist, the only thing you have to wager is missing out on the trip of a lifetime.

‘All you have to do is make sure you have enough empty pages in your passport, buy a round trip ticket to and from London, and get on that first flight. When you land, the first chapter of your around the world adventure begins.’

The trip departs on September 1 and returns to London on November 19. You can check out the full itinerary here.

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