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01st Oct 2021

6 easy TikTok recipes to try this weekend

Fiona Frawley

Most of us associate TikTok with lying curled up in a ball on the couch, opening the app and not realising 8 hours have passed by the time you close it again.

But it’s also a place to discover drool-worthy recipes and food hacks to incorporate into your own personal repertoire. Food TikTok has it all – easy lunch inspo, fast food recreations and combinations that you’d only ever find during a deep dive on the internet. We’ve rounded up some tasty looking tutorials to try this weekend, and most of them are outrageously easy. Grab your apron and let’s get going.

1. Carrot skin crisps

Waste not want not, says you.

2. Microwave Nutella cookies

The quick n easy dessert fix of dreams.

3. Two ingredient bagels

Can you imagine successfully pulling these off? Smugness levels through the roof.

4. Courgette Crisps

Or “zucchini chips” as this gal calls them. Cultural differences aside, these look stunning.

5. Bacon jam

This is one of the less simple recipes on the list (bear in mind most of the others have two or less ingredients so that’s not saying much) but we had to include it. Your breakie will never be the same.

6. The ultimate potato wedges

Your local deli could never.

Will you be giving any of these a go?

Header image via Shutterstock

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