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19th Aug 2022

Weird and wonderful recipes with an Irish twist we’ve encountered on TikTok

Fiona Frawley

arial shot of a person kneading bread in a kitchen

Corned beef and cabbage pizza, anyone?

How about a nice refreshing glass of Guinness punch?

A deep dive on TikTok can take you all sorts of places – from a farm in Kerry to an unconventional furniture removal on the streets of Dublin. We’ve all picked up a tip or two from Food TikTok at this stage – it’s truly a fountain of knowledge. But we’ve also come across a couple of recipes that verge on the side of questionable. With that said, we’ll probably still try them… just not too sure how exactly they’ll work out. If you’re looking to get a bit experimental in the kitchen, take a gander at these:

Corned Beef and Cabbage Burrito

Ahh, the American obsession with corned beef continues. Can you imagine your nanny lashing her boiling bacon and cabbage into a wrap?

Video via Tiktok/burrito.mac

Guinness Punch

We’re not going to lie to ourselves. This one genuinely does look delicious.

Video via Tiktok/spicedroots

Potato Donuts

The description calls these “emotional donuts” and to be fair, we agree.

Video via TikTok/chefdaniellambert
Traditional Potato Farl

Had to include one OG recipe. Are you team farl or team boxty?

Video via Tiktok/theirishconnection

An Irish Fool (Cocktail)

An Irish fool? Sure we all know one of them, says you.

Would you give any of these recipes a go?

Header image via Shutterstock 

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