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04th Jul 2022

WATCH: Tiktoker brilliantly shuts down stranger who attempted to fat shame her

Emily Mullen

‘Who gave this man the audacity…’

A woman has been praised on TikTok after she got body-shamed whilst minding her own business and eating a dessert in a cake shop. People in the comments were angry that the woman had to endure these comments but have since commended her for the calm and collected way in which she responded.


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In the now-viral video, the TikToker – who posts under the handle @Strawberryifyme – can be seen about to eat a strawberry covered cake when a random man off-camera interrupts her with some mean comments regarding her weight.

“Mademoiselle, are you going to eat all of that?” asks an unseen voice.

Without missing a beat, she replies sarcastically, “I don’t know,I think I could.”

Interrupting her, the man then says, “That’s the reason you are so fat. You know, I’m looking at you.”

Meanwhile, the text on the video itself says: “Me:unfazed.Try growing up Asian.Also got called gorgeous the same day.”

Continuing to stick up for herself, she tells the man: “Exactly, that’s how I stay popular, being fat” – with the writing across the video saying, “me:not passing up saying stupid to something stupid.”

He replies with a simple, “Okay.”

Unfazed by the comments, the TikToker carries on with her review as she writes,”Entering my strawberry happy place.”

Since uploading the video it has racked up millions of views and comments from people supporting her and saying how sorry they are that she had to endure such an experience.

“I aspire to be this unbothered,” said one compassionate user, while another added: “who gave this man the AUDACITY my god”

Another person commented,”they definitely wanted a reaction out of you to provoke you and you didn’t give them that, queen.” To this, the poster replied, “Exactly and I devoured the cake utterly happy in strawberries.”

Another person commented,”Who does he think he is????”

She jokingly writes back, “Next top model maybe.”

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