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24th Aug 2018

The Latest Irish Honeymoon Trend Shows The Boom Is Definitely Back

Megan Cassidy

More and more Irish people are opting to honeymoon abroad, and they aren’t doing it by halves.

Not only are honeymoon bookings up 22% on last year, the destinations of are becoming more exotic.

This is according to data collected by Dubai-based airline Emirates, which shows an emerging trend among Irish honeymooners.

Many couples are now opting for ‘two-stop honeymoons’ in Eastern locales like Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Enda Corneille, country manager for Emirates in Ireland, explained:

‘We are experiencing year-on-year double digit growth in our honeymoon business, with all of our passengers heading east.

‘There could be any number of reasons for the hike in honeymoons to eastern destinations, but the likely explanation is Ireland’s recovering economy together with rebounding consumer confidence and the attraction of destinations such as Cambodia.

He added: ‘Cambodia has proven to be the surprise hit of 2017.’

The two-stop honeymoon traditionally includes a stopover in Dubai and then a visit to any number of destinations in South Africa or the Indian Ocean.

Enda added that while Dubai is still massively popular, couples are looking into more unusual pairings.

He said: ‘Other interesting pairings include the mountainous island of Phuket, which boasts some of Thailand’s most popular beaches and Ho Chi Minh, the historic capital of South Vietnam.’

Doesn’t sound half bad.

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