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20th Oct 2017

This Is One Of The Most Scenic Train Journeys You’ll Ever Experience


Travelling by train is by far one of the most relaxing ways to watch the world go by; you’ve comfy seats, no traffic, and you get a fantastic view out the large windows.

Now we’re not talking about the Dundalk-Dublin express mind, this beautiful scenic trip that is unlike any other in Europe is the Balkan Express.

With over 435 bridges, travelling through 254 tunnels along the route, you’ll go from Belgrade in Serbia all the way to Bar in Montenegro.

Views of majestic canyons, mountains, and crossing over Europe’s highest railway bridge, many people say this is one of the continent’s best kept secrets.

The train journey takes 10 hours, and costs the equivalent of about 20 quid. An absolute bargain for memories you’ll never, ever forget.

Here’s a few photos that give a sneak peek into what you’ll see…

We wanna book a trip here ASAP….

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