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18th Dec 2017

This Video Proves That There’s Only One Place You Need To Visit In Ireland This Christmas

Darragh Berry

Walking down Shop Street in Galway – whether it’s day or night, summer or winter – is a truly marvelous experience. 

The music that fills the air is both soothing and unique. It might be the 15 members that make up the big but beautiful Galway Street Band or a man who resembles Luke Kelly in appearance and has the voice to match. 

At Christmas, however, the town of the tribe is a different animal altogether. Its Christmas market is second to none and is home to some truly Irish stalls. Beside the famous Supermac’s on Eyre Square lies the big Christmas wheel and as it slowly spins all the way to the very top, the view of Galway city takes your breath away. 

You haven’t lived until you’ve tasted a German stein from the beer tent or if that’s not your bag, there is some mulled wine on offer also. 

The people of Galway know just how special g-town is at Christmas and all year around and they wanted to show the rest of the country what they are missing out on.

That’s why a couple of bars and hotels came together in October to discuss the possibility of promoting Galway at Christmas to Ireland and the rest of the world. They wanted to showcase their amazing city which they tried to capture in this three minute video… keep an eye out for a few famous faces in this one.

Doug Leddin of the famous An Púcán pub in Galway told why he felt now was the time to promote his pub’s city. 

“For us it was about Galway and not about the businesses. It was an idea we created back in October and pitched it to local companies and got the support from 1520, An Púcán, The Connacht Hotel, Forster Court, Garavans, Residence Hotel and Active Fitness and once we got the support we set about creating a narrative with Hector and the video production company.

“We started shooting on a Wednesday afternoon with Bundee Aki and finished on a Friday night with the Liam MacCarthy Cup in 1520 bar. It then took over a week to chop and change it and create the best version we could have created.

“Galway is really special but its not because of the weather, or any real tourist attractions its amazing because of the people that call Galway Home. There is a million reasons to visit Galway and every single one of them starts and ends with the people of Galway. From the buskers of shop street to the festivals created by the people of Galway for the people of Ireland.

“The reaction to the video so far has been incredible and we are so proud to showcase Galway in such an amazing way and so grateful for all the support all the local companies have shown by sharing this message across Ireland.”

If you’re looking to get a quick night in before the New Year or Christmas comes around, then go west.

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