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05th Dec 2017

Anyone Planning A Hen Party Will Freak Over This Magically Pink Airbnb That Sleeps 16 People


Known for the iconic The Royal Tenenbauems, film director Wes Anderson is also famed just as much for his rich colour palettes in his movies and exquisite attention to detail. 

His 2014 flick The Grand Budapest Hotel was a dream come true for lovers of millennial pink, with the pastel hue featuring throughout the film. Whether you’re Wes mad or just obsessed with all things beautiful, there’s an Airbnb in Essex that’s calling your name.

The Pink House in Tipptree sleeps 16 people and is a riot of colour…

It’s ever so sliiightly bonkers (okay okay, it’s REALLY bonkers), with the owners describing it as a “constantly evolving art piece”.

There’s a disco ball, a massage table, indoor and outdoor cinema screens, and a hot tub all at your leisure if you book a stay in this funky gaff. 


It comes in at about €2,600 a night, which at €162 each is fairly pricey, but oh-so worth it

Sure it’s basically the most magical party house we’ve ever seen! 

The reviews online are all absolutely gushing about the place, and it seems to be especially popular with Hen Parties. Just think of all the fab Instagrams you’d get here…

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