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04th Jan 2020

This secret bakery in Italy serves pastries in the middle of the night

Sarah Finnan

I’m about to share some very precious information with you.

Information so precious in fact, that I’ve been debating whether to reveal all or just keep it to myself.

Maybe it’s the caffeine from my mid-afternoon coffee kicking in, maybe I’m just feeling generous, who knows – either way you should listen up because it’s not often I share such insider knowledge.

Deep within the heart of Bologna, hidden along the winding maze-like streets, lies a secret bakery.

Italy is full of bakeries though, what makes this one so special?

Well, my friends, this one opens in the middle of the night serving up hot, fresh-out-of-the-oven, melt-in-your-mouth goodness. Very few photos of said pastries exist but feast your eyes on the below.

And it is heavenly.

Staff work away into the wee hours prepping for the next morning’s deliveries, and if you time it just right you could bag yourself a chocolate croissant for the walk home from the club.

The Italian equivalent of a garlic cheese chip after a night out.

Head down Strada Maggiore, past Corte Isolani, turn right onto Via Borgonuovo and follow your nose until you find the secret bakery.

After 2:30am only.

You can probably guess why I loved living in Italy so much.

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