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31st Oct 2017

This Is The Most Terrifying Ghost Story We’ve Received From Our Audience


To celebrate Halloween, we decided to give away an amazing weekend away for two at the Castleknock Hotel to the person who can tell us the scariest ghost story. 

We rounded up the 10 creepiest tales we could find and asked you to vote — here’s the one which terrified our audience the most…

Enda’s Story

A friend of mine was living in a house with one roommate and they had a spare bedroom which they used for guests to stay over. 

Numerous friends of both lads had stayed in the guest room. People that would have no affiliation to each other except the fact at some point they had all stayed in that particular room in that house. Almost all, except a small few, told the guys the next day that they’d an awful night’s sleep. That they’d woken up in the middle of the night to see a “shadow man” at the end of the bed looking at them as they slept. People have said it could have been sleep paralysis, but the sheer amount of people that claimed to have seen him was too many to be a coincidence.

I was in his house during the day, having a cup of tea (as we do), and my friend was telling me about all these stories that his and his roommate’s friends had told them. 

Here’s where it gets more creepy.

As we were having this conversation, we heard moaning and floorboards creaking upstairs, as if a person was pacing the guest bedroom. I asked my friend if his roommate was home, to which he replied, “no, he’s at work”, all the while looking at the ceiling. 

We then heard the footsteps move away from above us, only to hear them come down the stairs, one step at a time. We could not see the stairs themselves from the kitchen, but only the hallway. Once the footsteps reached the end of the stairs they stopped, but in the space of time that it would take a person to walk down the hallway, the room suddenly became freezing cold.

We were both frozen to our seats and could only stare at each other in shock and horror. After what felt like minutes the room suddenly returned to regular temperature.

We made very little conversation for a few minutes, until I decided to get the hell out of there.

My friend decided to move a few months later.

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