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22nd Jan 2020

Four fab spots to buy second-hand in Galway

Sarah Finnan

Let’s keep the chazza shop buzz going.

Second-hand shopping is the most logical alternative to avoiding new. Pre-loved bits that are new to you but not new new. I’ll stop saying new now I promise…starting now.

Many of us have been shopping in second-hand shops and vintage stores for years but it’s suddenly become very fashionable (excuse the pun).

Not that I’m complaining though.

Anything that helps to cut down on the amount of waste reaching landfill can only be a good thing.

Galway has loads of fantastic thrift shops, each one with items more stylish than the next. Easy on the eye and on the pocket because thrifting can be quite budget-friendly too.

Below are some of my favourite treasure troves in the City of Tribes.

Galway Flea Market

Galway’s longest-running indoor style market, it’s a once-monthly event usually taking place on the last Sunday of every month. A bit of a “hipster haven”, you’ll find all sorts of funky attire here.

Adorable black cat not up for sale so settle for the leopard print boots instead.

Public Romance

Home to both new and vintage clothing, the top floor is where the real one-of-a-kind stuff can be found. Most of what’s on sale dates from the 60s to the 90s, so you’ll most definitely find some very chic Clueless inspired get-ups.

This whole outfit is to die for.

I bought a patterned fleece here a couple of years ago and I can confirm it’s one of the warmest things I own.


Oxfam has branches all around Ireland so this one is applicable countrywide. Don’t let the Galway shop’s lack of Instagram fool you into thinking that their offerings are any less fresh.

Let some of the nation’s finds enlighten you as to what you could dig up.

Planet Retro

A small retail outlet specialising in vintage clothing, their motto is “clothes are art, get creative and find your own unique look”. If the whole ‘it’s good for the planet’ thing can’t sway you towards second-hand then that should, because who wants to wear the same thing as everyone else anyway?

I’d probably wear this without the mask, but hey that’s your call.

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