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29th Apr 2020

Giving it socks – fancy footwear for the housebound

Sarah Finnan

Happy feet make for a happier quarantine, or so I’ve been told.

I can’t say that this is something I’ve ever really given much thought to, but as the guys at the Irish Socksciety pointed out – spending so much time at home, means that people are wearing shoes less often than usual, so their socks are on display more often.

And if you’re anything like me and find yourself throwing on different variations of the same pyjamas/loungewear getup day in and day out, socks may be the only thing brightening up an otherwise very drab outfit.

I myself have never really been one for socks. Don’t get me wrong, I wear them obviously, I’ve just always thought of them as more of a pre-requisite to a pair of shoes than as a statement piece… but I have to say, even I was tempted by a few of these brightly coloured bad boys.

Having filled sock drawers across the world, from Roscommon to New York, the Galway company is known for their quirky stocaí – many of which come complete with classic Irish sayings on the soles, ensuring that what you’re wearing south of the ankle is always the talking point.

Some of the new additions include the Sure Look It, Grand, Feck It, Ahoy and Gone Bananas socks… which pretty much sums up the rollercoaster of emotions we experience on the daily while in quarantine.


The team have also taken to making the must-have accessory of the season- face masks – vowing to include a generic one with every order until the pandemic is over (or you can opt for the customised one below for an extra three bob).


Speaking of the customised face masks, Joanna at Irish Socksciety said:

“We wanted to help in some way to ease people’s worries so we thought we could help by producing a simple and slightly less scary face mask. The Howya Face mask might at least bring a smile to people on the street or in areas of high stress it brings the human element back into focus.”

Looking at socks in a whole new light these days. If dressing gowns are housecoats, should socks be called houseshoes? Probably not on second thought…

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