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29th Sep 2021

There’s a brand new collection from KASH Beauty and it looks gorgeous

Katy Thornton

The brand announced its new collection on Instagram this morning

Keilidh Cashell, or Keilidh MUA, is one of the original Irish beauty gurus, entering the scene in 2015 when she worked at Inglot. After multiple beauty collaborations, she now owns her own cosmetic brand KASH Beauty. She launched KASH Beauty back in 2019 and now has a wide selection of products, everything from cream contours, to eyeshadow palettes, to lipsticks.

KASH Beauty launched with the Secret Treasure collection, then the Crystal Nights collection. Today they launch their new collection Modern Legacy and it looks stunning.

The collection compiles of three eyeshadow palettes, matching lip kits, a new lip-gloss and some false lashes. The collection embodies classic beauty, using colours and tones that have stood the test of time. Keilidh says, “I took the classic makeup that we all know and love and added a modern twist.” This is for all the neutral lovers out there. For the next 48 hours the items are slightly discounted, so make sure to check out the website here.

What pieces are you most excited to pick up from the Modern Legacy collection?

Header image via Instagram/kashbeauty

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