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07th Nov 2019

Pálás Galway to screen festive favourites in the run-up to Christmas

Sarah Finnan

Pálás Galway has an unreal Christmas schedule, full of all the festive favourites.

There are two types of people when it comes to Christmas: those who reserve celebrating until Christmas Eve, and those who sprout antlers at even the slightest whiff of Christmas.

I’m in the latter group.

I really relate to Buddy the Elf. That iconic scene where he absolutely loses it over Santa coming to visit? Pretty much me during the run-up to December 25th.

Though my family manage to postpone putting up the Christmas tree until at least December 8th, they can’t stop me from breaking out the festive movies.

Watching movies at home is one thing but going to the cinema, in full festive attire is quite another which is why I think a trip to Pálás, Galway’s arthouse cinema will definitely on the cards.

Unveiling their Christmas schedule, the line-up includes both old and new movies alike and there are some crackers in there.

Love Actually, Die Hard, Elf, The Muppet Christmas Carol – they’re all set to light up the screen.

Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut will kick things off on November 29th alongside a short documentary called Never Just A Dream, while the mother of all Christmas movies Home Alone will return on December 7th.

Amongst the old school classics to be shown are It’s A Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street and Meet Me In St Louis.

There will also be special viewings of The Nightmare Before Christmas in honour of its 25th birthday, which it is celebrating this year.

So many movies, so little time.

For a full list of ticket prices and screenings check out the website here.

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