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29th Sep 2020

Sustainability spotlight – Galway café back using reusable cups 

Sarah Finnan

reusable cups

2020 has thrown a bit of a spanner in the works when it comes to sustainability and with the threat of a global pandemic looming on the horizon, single-use plastics have been pushed a little further down the list of immediate concerns. That’s not to say that people forgot they were the enemy, but with most cafes/restaurants only offering disposable options, they’ve become a little trickier to avoid.

One Galway café has decided to reintroduce the use of keep cups though, assuring customers that they can do so in a safe way.

A self-described ‘social business’, Temple Café’s whole ethos is about giving back – be that to local charities, the Galway community or Mother Nature – and so it makes sense that they’d be one of the first to make a return to reusable coffee cups.

Here’s what owner Sebb Taylor had to say:

“We can all do a little bit to help. If you’re getting a takeaway coffee we are back using our @2gocup_org.

Order your coffee, hold onto your lid and reuse this cup, it’s just a €1 deposit and you get the €1 back when you return the cup….win for the environment and win for you.

You can even hold onto the cup and use it as many times as you want.”

Part of the Stampify Ireland scheme, customers are also encouraged to scan the app with every purchase as one stamp is the equivalent of two meals donated to those in need.

So in other words, having a coffee here could be your good deed for the day.

Header image via Instagram/Temple Café

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