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05th Nov 2021

This Galway burger spot is now doing a Buckfast cocktail

Fiona Frawley

Is there an Irish millennial out there who doesn’t have a profound, spiritual connection to Buckfast?

It saw us through our college years, was our handy companion for a cheeky outdoor pre-drink sesh when money was tight and let’s be honest with ourselves, it’s actually delicious. The first time you take a sip can be intimidating – you may have found yourself wondering, “what is this mysterious, dark beverage claiming to be wine going to do to my insides?” But look at us all now. Insides probably 80% Buckfast, and still thriving. In fairness, it’s made by monks. Monks would never make something that wasn’t good for you.

One county with a particularly close connection to Buckfast is Galway. It’s the fuel of students and weekend trippers alike there, as much an intrinsic part of a Galway night out as an early hours visit to Supermacs. So it makes sense that Galway burger spot Handsome Burger have created this dreamy looking Buckfast based cocktail, available to sip on now.

Buckfast is combined with vodka and a selection of secret ingredients to give it a creamy texture. The team at Handsome Burger have said the cocktail is a tribute to their younger days, and times spent sharing a bottle with pals at Spanish Arch. A thing of beauty, truly, and the perfect bev to enjoy during a weekend trip to the land of the tribes.

Header image via Handsome Burger Ireland 

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