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12th Nov 2021

This Galway restaurant is hosting a Tinder night for college students

Fiona Frawley

Lectures are back in person and you might find yourself drifting off during sociology, dreaming of the shift.

Luckily, there’s the potential to get it for real these days, and your days of zoom dates or flouting restrictions with sneaky, romantic walks in the park are over.

If you’re in Galway and ready to mingle, Bangin Noodles are holding Galway’s first ever ‘Swipe Right’ Night next Friday in De Burgo’s bar on Augustine Street!

The event describes itself as similar to a classic speed dating event, but done with the mischief and craic that the Galway restaurant has been known for online since they opened last March. Manager Nikola Kainarova said ahead of the event:

Think a classic speed dating event crossed with Squid Games! That’s pretty much what we have lined up for our Bangin Swipe Right Night… We always like to enjoy ourselves and not take stuff too seriously with how we run our company and treat our staff. Fun, mischief, outside the box. 

We’re assuming that’s without the games resulting in death and masked guards with guns. They’d kinda ruin the vibe, tbh.

The event kicks off on Friday November 19th at 7.30pm. It’s aimed at college students, however Bangin Noodles are sure to mention that they won’t be asking for college ID’s so no need to go creating any McLovin style fake ones.

For those worried that they are too old for the event the organisers have created an easy gauge:

If you have either an air fryer or a Dyson hoover on your Christmas list, then you are probably too old and maybe best to swipe left on this one!

That’s me out of the running, anyway.

On the night you can expect 5 minutes per date, plenty of games and drinks flowing. Sound like a bitta you? Book your spot HERE.

Header image via Instagram/banginnoodles

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