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25th Aug 2021

This swimmer was rescued 4km off the coast of Kerry, and we recognise him from somewhere…

Fiona Frawley

Shur you wouldn’t be long getting rescued by a pod of dolphins.

A man who was rescued 4 kilometres from shore by the RLNI last week has been identified as none other than Ruairí McSorley of frostbit fame, according to the Independent.

Ruairí was first reported missing early last Sunday morning, when a walker came across his clothes and shoes on a beach near Inch in Kerry.

Members of Fenit RLNI recovered the 24 year old viral sensation alive, well, and surrounded by a pod of dolphins.

Speaking to the Independent, Ruairí commended both the rescue team and the pod of dolphins.

While holidaying at a caravan park near the Kerry beach, Ruairí decided to swim towards Fenit lighthouse, later admitting it possibly would have been a shout to research before undertaking the journey once he saw black fins surrounding him in the water:

I just thought to myself, maybe it wouldn’t have been the worst idea to have googled this before I jumped in, but they were just dolphins…. They wouldn’t have done any harm to you. I’d no problem with them…. They were just swimming around me. If anything, they may have helped me. It was definitely an experience.

Delighted he’s safe and well anyway, and fingers crossed he wraps up for the winter.

Header image via Youtube

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