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07th Oct 2020

WATCH: Kildare café pokes fun at reality of outdoor dining in Irish weather

Sarah Finnan

Kildare café

Business owners across Ireland are busy coming to terms with new level 3 guidelines – scrambling to change with the times and ensure that there are measures in place to allow them to continue trading.

Outdoor dining; sounds good on paper, but the execution often isn’t quite as simple as one may think. Especially when factoring in the unpredictable Irish weather – which is liable to change at any given moment. Not ideal for business owners or customers.

Poking fun at the reality of the situation, staff at one Kildare café have shared a video that sums up what the experience is like for venues with no rain cover and if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry.

Posted on the PS Coffee Roasters Facebook page, the clip shows a customer sat outside as she tries to enjoy her coffee and pastry. Caught in a torrential shower, there’s no escape from the rain and everything from her clothes, to her food ends up completely drenched.

Laughing off her misfortune, the good-natured customer luckily seems to have found the humour in the situation and can be seen with a big smile on her face in spite of it all.

What a trooper… I think we all know who’s winning the ‘most loyal customer’ award this month.

An attempt at finding humour in an otherwise fairly grim situation, one customer commented that “if it wasn’t so serious it’d be funny” – later adding that “it’s criminal what’s being done to cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels”.

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