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14th Dec 2023

This couple’s decades-old collection of hand-made cards will warm the cockles of your heart

Emily Mullen

It’s kinda what we needed to see today

There’s a lot to be said for a card, especially in our brave new digitalized world where tangible things are increasingly becoming a rarity. Cards mean a lot more than the sum of their parts, they can signal support, celebrate successes and indeed commiserations. As good as traditional cards are, hand-made cards are infinitely better.

One couple that has been flying the flag for handmade cards is @idlewildgirl’s Dad who has been sending his partner handmade cards for several decades. Taking to Twitter and sharing some of the best cards Sarah wrote, “it’s my Mum’s 70th birthday today! The whole time they have been together my Dad has always hand drawn her greetings cards and she’s kept every single one, here are a few of my favourites … firstly when she was pregnant with me”.

While we know little about Sarah’s Dad, it’s definitely apparent that he has a) a sense of humour and b) a flair for drawing. The couple undoubtedly have an incredible relationship, with the cards spanning Valentine’s Day, book launches, birthdays and everything in between. Sarah’s Dad frequently integrates his partner into the artwork, throughout the years of cards her large eyes and distinctive haircut remain the same.

The users of Twitter/X were understandably delighted to stumble across this thread, and we are inclined to agree. It’s the kind of thread that used to be a mainstay of old Twitter, that has been shoved to the side with the unfortunate deluge of right-wing rhetoric and disinformation that now makes up the social media site.

Header images via idlewildgirl on Twitter

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