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08th Jan 2024

Wolfe Tones reveal interest in representing Ireland at Eurovision

Fiona Frawley

wolfe tones eurovision

‘You’ll Never Beat The Irish’ would be an appropriate song’.

Late last year, the folks over at Meanwhile in Ireland posted a satirical article claiming that the Wolfe Tones are planning to represent Ireland at Eurovision with a remix of their controversial classic, Celtic Symphony.

While the initial article was, of course, entirely for comedic purposes, it received widespread attention prompting them to reach out to the Wolfe Tones themselves to ask if they really would be up for Eurovision.

In response to their query, the legendary rebel band confirmed that they’d never turn down an opportunity to represent Ireland and even confirmed what song they’d like to sing.

The Wolfe Tones, who will go down in the history books of Irish music, have previously claimed that they want to go out on a high before retirement after announcing gigs in Belfast and Dublin for later this year.

But could Eurovision be on the horizon also – let’s hope so.

When asked by Meanwhile in Ireland if they’d consider hitting the big European stage, the official Wolfe Tones Facebook page confirmed that they would indeed, writing:

“The Wolfe Tones would never pass up an opportunity to represent Ireland, and would be honoured to do so on the Eurovision stage.

“‘You’ll Never Beat The Irish’ would be an appropriate song.”

So there you have it folks.

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