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14th Oct 2019

This Dundalk Secondary School Has A Labrador Puppy As A Mascot

Sarah Finnan

Can you imagine a better way to start the school day than being greeted by a fluffy 5-month-old puppy? Because I can’t.

Well, that’s the reality for students at St Vincent’s Secondary School in Dundalk.

Lucky ducks.

Deciding to enrol Finn the Labrador Retriever as the school mascot, he heads up the welcome committee three days a week.

And according to the school website, all going well, his role within the school community will grow as he does.

Aiming to teach students “responsible ownership of pets and all that having a pet entails”, Finn is already proving to be quite popular.

A rescue dog from the Dundalk Dog Rescue, he comes in and out of school with one of the deputy principals.

That would make even Ferris Bueller want to go to school.

(Header photo: St Vincent’s Twitter page)

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