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19th Aug 2021

This colourful new mural in Dundalk gives a nod to the town’s railway history

Fiona Frawley

SEEK is a Dundalk street art festival which has seen stunning murals in a wide variety of styles pop up throughout the town, adding colour and life to otherwise unremarkable walls.

The murals the festival has produced have transformed Dundalk into an open air gallery – you could spend at least a day strolling around the town and taking in all the amazing pieces on show! And if you’re a history lover you’ll definitely be into this recent mural by artist Omin, which offers an insight into the architecture and industrial heritage of Dundalk.

Eye-catching and stately, there are so many easter eggs to discover within this piece. The old steam engine on the left is a reference to the Northbound Express V.CLASS 440 No.83 Eagle which would have travelled along the Great Northern Railway long before the likes of the present day diesel engine you see on the right was introduced.

The overlaying text references lettering found on the original blue prints for steam engines such as this, which were produced in Dundalk itself. The black and white character is inspired by the labourers involved in the historic Ardee Road Works.

Comments on the post have applauded the detail, colour and portrait style within the mural, and it’s sure to be a popular addition to the cultural landscape of Dundalk. Definitely worth a look!

Header image via Instagram/Ominous Omin 

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