Loose snake seen slithering through Blarney in Cork

By Fiona Frawley

July 28, 2023 at 4:59pm


Somebody call St. Patrick, etc etc.

The island of Ireland has enjoyed snake-free status since St. Patrick had his way in the fifth century AD.

That is until yesterday afternoon at a carpark in Cork.

A relatively small, skinny snake was seen in the grass in a carpark near the Blarney Walk, with the person who discovered the reptile assuming it was an escaped pet.

The discoverer of the snake posted a photo on the local Blarney Blog Facebook page, and contacted a nearby vet who concluded it was probably a pet corn snake which may have escaped.

As you'd imagine, the comments section is alive with St. Patrick-related quips, but a rescue shelter also offered a handy bit of intel for anyone else who might come across an escaped pet snake and feel brave enough to help.


The West Cork Animal Welfare Group wrote:

"They are harmless, get a net or pick up and put in a pillowcase, tie the top and contact Animal Magic in limerick. They will help. It won't survive very long outside. Beautiful creatures".

Snakes are famously not native to Ireland - temperatures here never get quite warm en0ugh to sustain a healthy population. Whether you believe it's down to St. Patrick or the Ice Age, you can rest assured you won't be bumping into one outside of a tank anytime soon.

Header image via Getty/Blarney Blog on Facebook 



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